Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Australian Game Studio Generator

Check out the Australian Game Studio Generator here!

I had fun with a few of my Game Design students last year, making an Australian Game Studio Generator, where we chose all the Australian game studio names with two words, or two main parts, and made a random generator that combined these randomly!  

Every time I use it, it makes some funny combinations I hadn't seen before.  Good for a laugh!  Or for choosing a name for your game development studio!  ;)

It was inspired by us making jokes about studio names, like if you took Half Brick and Red Ant, to make Half Ant.  That cracked us up enough to inspire an app that would produce humorous combinations for us!

Sometimes I like to make up silly tag lines for the names it produces like...

HALF GAME:  We deliver.
LOVE DINOSAUR:   Rrrrooowwww!
MANY GAMES:  Much good.
POWER TONGUE:  We've got game dev licked.
SUPER GREAT:  Just don't question it.
HALF HI:  Come work with us, ideal working conditions.
LOVE WHALE:  You do the work.
EVIL PHASE: We promise, we'll grow out of it.
THREE GAMES:  We ain't no one trick pony.

The Australian Game Studio Generator was made @usernametylers@muzboz and @spacederp

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Steam VR - HTC Vive - Prototype Development - Video #003

Final update for the first weekend!
Happy that I made some progress overall, and I'm feeling pretty comfortable with the basics.

Now I need to tackle the gun behaviours themselves, as well as fine tuning the way the items attach to the player, to be in the correct positions, etc.
And then some things to shoot at!  I'm keen to get a basic gameplay loop happening, so there's an actual goal/challenge!  That way I can throw someone in the game and see if they actually have fun, and engage with the challenge.  

Steam VR - HTC Vive - Prototype Development - Video #002

Some clumsy wizard left all his guns out, for anyone to tinker with.
But none of them work!  I'd better see if I can get them into action.  :)

Steam VR - HTC Vive - Prototype Development - Video #001

This weekend I started my first solo Steam VR project with the HTC Vive!
Lots of fun. Sparking off lots of ideas.
This video is the results of the first two days... a mysterious, thiefy sort of thing!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Game Maker Tutorial: Flappy Bird

I made a Game Maker tutorial, where we put together a Flappy Bird game!

This is a great introduction to Game Maker for a first time user, showing basic visual scripting, and even a taste of coding in GML.

You can download GameMaker for free here.

And you can download the Flappy Bird tutorial for GameMaker here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

JetMechs: A Cross Platform Multiplayer Prototype using Unity uNet

A Cross Platform Multiplayer Prototype

I wanted to try Unity's networking system uNet.

So I dug up an old project, and went to work making it have multiplayer support!

Unity's uNet system allows users on Mac, Windows and Android all to join the same match and play together.

This prototype is playable on Android, by using an Xbox 360 controller and an OnTheGo cable and a Google Cardboard or equivalent.

I got stuck on a few bottlenecks along the way!
I mainly had trouble because I had two overlapping problems!

The aiming of the player's weapon was not syncing across the network, so the bullet was shooting straight.  This was caused by the local rotation of the weapon was not being synced across the server.  This can be fixed by adding a Network Transform Child to the root parent object (the Player for example, which needs to have its own "master" Network Transform on it), and drag and drop the child (eg: the weapon) onto the available slot on the Network Transform Child component.  Add a Network Identity to the child (weapon) as well.  And now it should sync across the network.

But my bug was also being confused by the fact that I had used Unity's FirstPersonController to base my original single player mech prototype on.  So I had to spend some time digging around 4 or 5 scripts to find all the local player specific code, such as input and movement, and applying the (isLocalPlayer) if statements around the appropriate stuff!

I'd done a pass at the player controls, but only later I realised that I hadn't completely separated out the MouseLook and SimpleMouseRotator snippets.  That had meant that the player prefabs had been stomping on each other's mouse look values, causing problems with weapon firing. 

Once I'd sorted out both those issues, I got it all working!  Hooray!

I'm pleased to announce that tonight I finally got all the basic multiplayer networking correctly set up!

The players can join and jetpack and shoot, across the network!

Also, part of the challenge I'd set myself was to build the foundations that would support Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, SteamVR, etc.  So I detect what platform you're on and activate the appropriate camera system.

Each player has a torch attached, which moves with the way their head is facing.

I'm thinking of making the levels darker, so the torch is more important and relevant.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Matt Chat: Some of my favorite videos by Matt Barton (Matt Chat)

Matt Barton is a fantastic guy who writes about video games, especially Computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs).  He also has a fantastic YouTube channel where he interviews game developers from throughout the history of video game development.

You can support Matt Barton on Patreon here.

Here are some of my favorite videos...

Richard Garriott 

"Choose Your Own Adventure" with R.A. Montgomery

John Romero





The Fat Man